McQueen Press goes to Nashville!

This weekend, McQueen Press heads to Nashville for that city’s film festival (NaFF) for panels, workshops, and receptions.

“Celara Electric,” one of the short screenplays in the Dark Fantastic series is a finalist in screenwriter’s competition!

Adapted from the full-length novel, Celara Sun, this fantastic adventure is a three-person suspense that occurs in a car and then a bridge on an icy road in the blackest hours of early morning when there are no witnesses. The female protagonist must decide whether or not to join the dark side of business intelligence.

Let’s hope for a win for Lee McQueen and a sun-filled movie weekend!


Deep in the Woods Storyboards!

This man and this woman are about to have a very unfortunate night… deep in the woods…


“Deep in the Woods” on Easter Sunday

Filming for “Deep in the Woods” is set for Sunday April 20th in Chicagoland.

This will be the first short in The Dark Fantastic series to go to production.

How nice and/or exciting Easter Sunday will be!


I Disappear

Writing for “Tamerlane” is done! Only now the title is “I Disappear.”

Another short screenplay! Gosh, I love ‘em!

Stephen King’s Carrie meets Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado.”

If that’s your flavor, then “I Disappear” is especially for you!


When the Screenwriter Wakes

Shoot dates for “Deep in the Woods” are early this April!

“Celara Electric” has advanced to the finalist round for action/adventure shorts at the Nashville Film Festival.

Lee McQueen has applied for a production grant for “Deprivation: The Apocalypse” from Chicago Filmmakers.

Storyboard for “You Have to Pay the Cost to Be the Boss” is nearly finished, just in time for the “Celara Electric,” the “Alone With You Last Night,” and “Deprivation: The Apocalypse” storyboards to begin!

Writing for “Tamerlane,” the dramatic short is in process.

By the way, the “Alone With You Last Night,” the “Deprivation: The Apocalypse,” and the “Tamerlane” short screenplays were all written in the meantime after The Dark Fanstastic’s publication November 2013. The writing just will not stop!

Also collecting Chicagoland venues for public screenings. There are many in hidden corners you’d never think of…

Busy like beezzzzz!


Deep in the Woods

Well, I’ve had a real busy year offline. McQueen Press is on Vimeo!

You’ve seen the public affairs webcasts from 2010 and 2011–Blue.Green.Fusion–on YouTube.

Well, we’re making short films! “Deep in the Woods,” is a post-apocalyptic suspense from The Dark Fantastic: 12 Short Screenplays collection with a runtime of approximately ten minutes.

For now, McQueen Press Vimeo holds sample content from the McQueen Press YouTube channel, just to become familiar with Vimeo’s features.

Several episodes of Blue.Green.Fusion (the webcast for which Lee McQueen served as Producer, Scriptwriter, Camera, Sound, and Editor) are available in multiple online locations, including iTunes.

Soon, Lee hopes to add the first short narrative film (runtime approximately 10 mins) to Vimeo–”Deep in the Woods”–which is currently in pre-production (table read, storyboard, rehearsal, location scouting, etc).

By the way, the “Deep in the Woods” script has also been submitted to several screenplay contests this year. The cast is amazing and the storyline will totally mess your head up! We’re talking Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, Octavia Butler, O. Henry mindjobs.

For the short film, the intention is to submit the work to film festivals and public screenings in Chicagoland.


Lessons From the Road

Writer in the Library! is the book that will not quit and never says die!

Thank you to Chicago Public Library for the very recent addition of yet another copy of this 2008 non-fiction release to their collections this year.

McQueen Press is proud to present the heartfelt revelations of so many writers on how their library usage uplifts their writing careers. Special thanks to Lydia Diamond who took a moment in Denver from promoting Stick Fly to hold up a copy of Writer in the Library! and tell her crowd to “Buy this book!”

According to Diamond’s Writer in the Library! entry way back in 2007, Stick Fly was a notion. Just look at this well-received Broadway play now! Diamond autographed her entry for McQueen Press! Thank you Lydia, and best wishes for continued success with Stick Fly.

Speaking of back catalog orders, McQueen Press also thanks Des Moines Public Library for placing recent requests for Celara Sun (2010), Kenzi (2007), and Imaginarium (2006), in addition to a copy of Writer in the Library! already on their shelves.

Also noteworthy are accelerated purchases of SUDAN: Lion of Truth 2nd ed (2010). What’s next? Paparazzi?
But it’s thrilling to watch the word get around about what’s on offer at McQueen Press!

Thank you both to my hometown and my adopted hometown!

Feeling very generous, so I’ll share 5 of 20 Lessons From the Road, from Lee to you:

Lesson #1
Stay on the road!

Lesson #2
If it’s still in the wrapper and it says “preservatives,” near the top of the ingredients list, you may still be able to eat it.

Lesson #3
Read people deep!

Lesson #4
Always communicate a clear destination whenever asked.

Lesson #5
Never sleep in a stranger’s car!Talk to the driver, use a map, watch road signs, and count blocks!

I’m serious!


Road Romance for Everyone!

Road Romance: Tales From the Book Tour

What’s one way to promote a self-published book?

Ever want to find out what happens behind-the-scenes of a book tour?

Have you wondered what goes through an author’s head on a journey across North America?

Road Romance: Tales From the Book Tour is available for early purchase at CreateSpace. Sales begin on in approximately one week.

Unsure? You may find the Front Matter entertaining!

Why not have the inside track before everyone else? Buy early and often!

Monday May 6th, 6:30pm, Lee returns to Blair-Caldwell Library in Denver as part of their Scribes, Scholars and Storytellers 2013 Series to talk more about the self-publishing process and deliver tales from Beale Street to Route 66 to the Great River Road, to Colfax Avenue, etc., in the spirit of Jack Kerouac and Johnny Appleseed. Road Romance and other merchandise available for purchase.

Saturday May 18th, 11:30am Lee visits with Black America West Museum in Denver to speak on writing, self-publishing, and the low-cost book tour. Now’s your chance! If you’ve got questions, she’s got answers. Road Romance and other merchandiese available for purchase.

Sunday May 19th, 2:00-4:00pm, Lee participates as one of twelve authors in the Local Author Showcase at Parker Library, 10851 S. Crossroads Rd, Parker, CO, 80134. After the presentations, Road Romance is available for sale and authors will meet with attendees.

Saturday June 1st, Time TBA, Lee makes an hour-long Virtual Book Appearance at McQueen Press Blog to answer questions for those unable to make it to appearances in the Denver area. Road Romance available for purchase at Amazon and other wholesale and retail outlets prior to appearance. Stay tuned for additional details!


Road Romane Book Cover

Road Romance: Tales From the Book Tour

Road Romance: Tales From the Book Tour

Third draft undergoing revisions for structure and format.

Here’s what we know so far:

ISBN 978-0-9798515-6-8, four-color exterior, four-color interior, 7 x 10 trim size, no bleed.

In 2012, Lee McQueen traveled from Colorado through Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and then back to Colorado to promote her latest romance novel.

From Beale Street to Route 66 to the Great River Road, to Colfax Avenue–in the spirit of Jack Kerouac and Johnny Appleseed–she fell in love with the road. This collection of journal entries, blog postings, narration in retrospect, and watercolors reveals surprises on Lee’s journey through Middle America .


BAWM Update

New date for the Black America West Museum appearance is Saturday, May 18th, 11:30am. Hope to see you!


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